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Hide and Seek

Had hoped as I was posting yesterday about the Hide and Seek festival, that it would filter into my consciousness and I'd realise that not only did I think it would be cool to go, I actually could go, and would get my arse in gear to do it.

Then I noticed that it's the same weekend as my Big Conference, so there's no way I can.

Which means it's also the same weekend as Glastonbury. Which seems a shame as the two have superficially similar remits. So then I started to wonder what this means. Why would avoiding this clash not be important to the organisers?

I guess because there isn't a big feeling that their audience would want to go to both, despite the apparent similar appeal. Two main reasonings I can think of:

1)Glastonbury is over, and is no longer about art and creativity and fun and innovation, but is just a few gigs and other entertainments happening on top of each other.

2)Hide & Seeks audience are not the kind of people who would go to Glastonbury. (1) can be kind of subsumed into this, but more a statement of a kind of geek, gamer maybe intellectual culture being a separate one from whatever Glastonbury represents; perhaps more of a crusty or indy or outdoorsy or even just music-interest culture.

This relates to some stuff I've been thinking today about what geek culture is. I'm imagining some kind of perfect internet user who stands in opposition to the stuff I'm interested in about fluffing it up.
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