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The addictiveness of photographs...

I've had a camera on my phone for a little while, and the full potential of having a camera you carry around all the time and have to hand and ready to pounce is only slowly dawning on me. I think it's one of those things that does.... create new conditions of possibility. Mean you can live life and be a person in a slightly different way.

Anyway, I take lots of bollocks photos of things I see and think are cool. And I always think to myself 'This will come in handy later'. But who really knows when? Perhaps for posting on Livejournal... So here we have it, What I've Been Up To Lately (In Pictures):

Gus chatting to the Virtual Reality Man.

Hmmm... lots of my photos seem to involve Signs I Like. This one is a toilet I wasn't allowed to pee in. I took quite a lot of photos of the toilet, too, but you wouldn't be interested in that...

An ex-doorway into the park. This made me rather sad. Then I realised I could get into the park another way and I wasn't lost after all...

More signs.

And more... this car was parked outside the Welsh Assembly building. I spot more Roleplaying Joke bumper stickers than I feel comfortable with.

Rockin out AND cardigans. That's EVERYTHING. I bet you all wish you'd stayed up till 5am and danced to Squeeze with us !

Two-player Settlers of Catan variation. Worked very well, and gave the tantalising thrill of exploration. Even more exciting if you're not the worldly type that also plays the Seafarers expansion. ;)

Josh looking heartwarming with a small child!

Teh Hat !!!!

Lovely Robots. Imagine my life if my walls were covered in robot stickers.

And finally, I don't think I'm ever gonna tire of this mental image ;)
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