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This is something cool:

It's a building shaped as two towers that direct the wind into the centre where there are wind turbines...

Yea, I accidentally walked into a City and Regional Planning talk this afternoon. But hey, check out all these other cool, green buildings!

I wish I had grown up to be an architect. What a nice, sensible, shiny kind of job that would be...

In other news: Gay men and straight women have symmetrical brain hemispheres. The Guardian's write up of this is surprisingly homophobic. The online version doesn't do justice to the strange insert the paper had in it, spinning outrage from gay and lesbian groups to this kind of research as being a bit... outrageous. "These poor scientists are dogged by politics and controversy, etc, etc, etc".

I heard this headline on the news this morning just as I was waking up, and my immediate thought was that gay men and straight women's brains are developed by their shared experience of putting up with men's shit. More brain-building even than Sudoku.

Oh, and these are quite funny, too:
Black People Love Us

Stuff White People Like
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