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Super powers

As I was having a brief 'I'm off to the shop, do you want anything' conversation today, I was again reminded that pretty much no one I know can keep biscuits in the house. I've only started to notice this in the past year or so, but it turns out that even my slimmest and least food-obssessed friends become absolutely haunted by a single packet of jaffa cakes under the same roof as them. This surprises me because I've never had that problem. I love nothing more than keeping a packet of biscuits, or chocolates, or cake or whatever until it's all white and dessicated and has to be thrown away. But now I'm realising this is some kind of super-power I have previously taken for granted. Could it be the 'talent' they were always telling me at school that I would someday find? That would act as a beacon telling me what I am here to do, and how I can contribute something to civilization? If so, how can I turn this mysterious power to good, and start properly making the most out of it? Certainly I should keep on hand a range of bakery and lard-rich items, and enjoy the luxury of not eating them. But I feel sure there must be more...
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