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Fionnghuala's Journal

Not to be taken

Shocking Pink
30 January
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It is as easy for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle as it is for a camel.
abstract thinking, activism, almonds, analysing texts, analysis of power, anarchy, anti-capitalism, anti-psychiatry, anti-war, ape language, argument structure, art, artificial intelligence, authenticity, blackberries, blood, boundaries, bruises, cardiff, challenge, chaotic good, coloured glass, community, conceptual art, contraception, contradiction, conversation, cooperation, counter-intuitiveness, critical psychology, culture, curry, cyber-stuff, diamante, discourse, discourse analysis, discursive psychology, don't lose the lesson, donna haraway, dried figs, emancipation, fairy wings, fear, feminisms, feminists, fitness, fleece, folk knowledge, food, freedom, gender, generosity, glitter, gumby, history, holism, hot chocolate, human reasoning, human rights, hypocrisy, ice, icing on the cake, ideology, implication, inequality, intellectual honesty, intensity, irony, japanese rope bondage, justice, kitsch, knots, knowledge claims, language, lay knowledge, learning by doing, listening, logic, madness, meaning, merleau-ponty, moist, nutrition, optimum nutrition, over thinking, overanalysis, peace, philosophy, pokemon, politics, post-structuralism, postmodernism, pretentiousness, pro-choice, psychology, punk, queer, questioning, questions, rain, reasoning, reasoning errors, reciprocity, reflexivity, relationships, relativism, representation, research, research methods, responsibility, revolution, rhetoric, samaritans, science studies, self-help books, sexuality, sharing, skin, smoothies, social constructionism, social psychology, social theory, sociology, sociology of knowledge, south wales, squirtle, statistics, strokey textures, suicide, t-shirt slogans, tadpoles, talking, tastelessness, teaching, text, text analysis, theory, uk, vertical lines, viscosity, wales, watching, women, women's rights, women's studies